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COMMERCIAL Chinese renaming statement by GERFLOR S.A.S

Chinese renaming statement by GERFLOR S.A.S

In the current global market, PVC flooring is a highly popular new, light-weight floor decoration material, widely used in public indoor venues, such as hospitals, schools, and office buildings. In recent years, PVC flooring has also been increasingly preferred by customers for interior decoration, thanks to its toxic-free nature and outstanding decorative effects.

GERFLOR S.A.S (referred to as ‘Gerflor’ in the following passage) is a world-renowned manufacturer and supplier of PVC flooring materials. With its headquarter located in Lyon, France, Gerflor has enjoyed over 85 years of history in producing PVC flooring, a remarkable leader to standardize and refine the manufacturing techniques.

Gerflor enjoys a global reputation and is a designated brand for the Olympic Games. After joining the Chinese market, Gerflor refreshed the industrial criteria by its competitive ability in research and development as well as its extraordinary product quality.

Not surprisingly, this success has inevitably triggered name-copying among similar products on the local market, seriously misleading our customers with an original intention to purchase Gerflor products.

To fulfill its corporate social responsibility, Gerflor is to officially change its Chinese brand name from “Jie Fu”to “Jie Fu Le”.

The company hopes the renaming would effectively make our brand easily recognizable and massively reduce market screening costs, so that our customers can truly enjoy Gerflor's products and services of superior quality.

Meanwhile, the renaming represents Gerflor’s endeavor to cultivate a prominent brand image and to build a diversified corporate culture. The new name "Jie Fu Le” is not only pronounced in a more similar way to Gerflor, but also clearly conveys its brand concepts and cultural meanings.

As a transnational enterprise, Gerflor takes the initiative to blend Chinese cultural elements into the new name, demonstrating its admiration for Chinese traditional culture and its determination to explore the Chinese market. We are convinced that the renaming would enable Gerflor (Jie Fu Le) to stun the world -- its quality will endure; its leadership will remain; and its splendid history will be extended.

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